She's Not Right EP


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We think this single is a fine appetizer for the grand course that is to come. It was produced/recorded/mixed by Joe Lorenzo at the Jungle in Massapequa, NY and Joe's Civil Steakhouse in Williamsburg, NY.

On this recording, BONUS EVENTUS is:
Dave Barritt: guitar, vocals
Johnny Hoblin: bass, drums, vocals
Matty Ludwig: guitar, vocals

gang vocals by Pat Stankard and Lauren Ross

A lot of wine was drank, a lot of pretzels were eaten, and a lot of time was spent getting rid of our hangovers and recording a full length. Viva la fiesta.

Both tracks will be featured on our upcoming album, 'Femme Fatale,' which will be available FOR FREE via this page in the coming weeks.

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released February 2, 2011



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BONUS EVENTUS New York, New York

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Track Name: She's Not Right
Waking up with the spins and empty pockets.
Look around, realize where I am.
Grab the keys, close the door, make sure you lock it.
Landed here close to 4am.
That's when she kicked me out,
Left me all alone.
Why'd she kick me out?
Cuz she's not right for me.
So why keep lying to myself?
I know that girl's not right for me.
Play your song for someone else.
Crowded place, too hot, too many bodies
Let's head outside, find a place to talk.
She says she's so sick of these parties!
Turns from me, then begins to walk.
Nothing's going right!
The only thing I'm kissing
Is the toilet seat tonight.
Track Name: Modern Life
Every day is always such a struggle
Fighting through my restless mind.
Drunken mouth, it causes so much trouble
And I lose sight from time to time.
I really hate waking up with a head that's filled with such discomfort and regret,
But I'm not sure I can quit just yet.
Sure I know that I can be a handful
With busy hands and dizzy sight.
Nothing brings a party to a standstill
Like a friend who's drunk and swears he's right.
I'm really tired of explaining why I get so crazy, 10 drinks going strong.
I guess it's time I should be going home.
And on Saturday, you can't undo what you have done,
But at least we're having fun.
And on Sunday, wish we can drink a little more
Cuz modern life is such a bore!
Trash can be another man's treasure,
But don't you know that you ain't mine?
Sure I know that I can do much better,
But won't you stay for just tonight?
Cuz my hands are tired of holding empty bottles and my insecurities.
We all deserve at least a little love.