Heart Attack


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On this album, BONUS EVENTUS is:
Dave Barritt - Guitar/Vocals
Johnny Hoblin - Drums/Bass/Vocals
Matt Ludwig - Guitar/Vocals

All songs written and performed by BONUS EVENTUS. Art design and layout by us also.

Recorded/mixed/produced at The Jungle in Massapequa, NY and Joe’s Civil Steakhouse in Brooklyn by Joe Lorenzo. Mastered by Pat Stankard at The Palace of Hounds in Bushwick, NY.

Lauren Ross and Pat Stankard partied and slurred their way through tracks 2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 12. Lauren also serves as band historian and chaperone for moonwalks. Will Forthman and James Kelly sang on track 7. James also played bass on that. Erin Willett came and sang on track 5 after a few blueberry flavored beers. We ate pretzels and spent $6.99 every day of recording on Casa del Toro red wine. Once we spent $2.99 on Big House Pink wine. Never did that again. Thanks to Britney Spears for stealing our original album name. Thanks to you for listening.

Hangovers of the head vs. hangovers of the heart – in this quintessential dilemma of youth and young manhood, NYC up-and-comers BONUS EVENTUS seem to find their voice. Look no further than the opening lines of “She’s Not Right,” the first single off their sophomore effort Heart Attack, to figure that much out – “Waking up with the spins and empty pockets / Look around, realize where I am.” Amid bouyant guitars and sunny back-up vocals straight out of Pet Sounds, the subsequent tale of frenetic debauchery and failed romance becomes all the more endearing.
Life-long friends, the three young rockers (Dave Barritt, Johnny Hoblin, Matt Ludwig, all 21) set similar stories of juvenile extravagance and romantic degeneracy across 12 songs of energetic rock n’ roll, recalling The Strokes and The Beatles at their dirtiest, messiest primes. Rough, unpolished harmonies and bratty sing-song melodies blend seamlessly with all of the clamorous guitars and spirited passion you expect from real rock n’ roll. Standouts like “Broken Hearts In Dirty Basements” and “Lousy Lovers” in particular showcase their acute (albeit booze-soaked) pop sensibility, complete with doo-wop moans, tangled, melodic guitar work and tambourine claps. Elsewhere, on “Drunk Lovers” and “Sleeping Booty” pseudo-disco drumbeats give way to funky, thumping bass lines that are certain to instigate full on dance parties.
However, despite their clear fondness for drinks and laughs, the group displays a surprising tenderness on songs such as “Mirrors” and “Statue.” Trading mics and shouting couplets like “I don’t know where you’ll be tonight” and “All that we want is to not be alone / When everything’s shot, maybe we’ll know that we’re not” in their trademark drunken croons, the boys bemoan the energized horrors that inevitably come with whirlwind romances. Its in these moments of hazy compassion that their true hearts come through: tattered, hopeful, and hungover as hell.
In the end, Heart Attack is the work of a band truly at the top of its game – a premium pop rock record, rife with real feeling and hooky euphoria. Another party-gone-awry in “Good Lord” may leave the guys re-evaluating their lives and wondering “Ain’t this quite a mess!” – fortunately for us, BONUS EVENTUS is not.


released March 4, 2011



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BONUS EVENTUS New York, New York

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Track Name: Broken Hearts In Dirty Basements
Take take take - take care of yourself
When you’re moving on to someone else.
Leave leave leave - a note on my door
That says that you don’t love me anymore
Since you saw me on that floor.
That fire coming from your eyes,
It drags me down.
Oh how it must be hard sometimes,
It rips you down.
Oh how I know that look you give
All too well.
That kinda stare can send a man
Straight to hell.
Leave leave leave - one last kiss on my cheek,
Cuz after this you’ll never speak to me.
Run, run and hurry on your way.
We’ve said everything we had to say.
We’re lost in every way.
Bought the ticket so now let’s take a ride.
Track Name: Modern Life
Every day is always such a struggle
Fighting through my restless mind.
Drunken mouth, it causes so much trouble
And I lose sight from time to time.
I really hate waking up with a head that's filled with such discomfort and regret,
But I'm not sure I can quit just yet.
Sure I know that I can be a handful
With busy hands and dizzy sight.
Nothing brings a party to a standstill
Like a friend who's drunk and swears he's right.
I'm really tired of explaining why I get so crazy, 10 drinks going strong.
I guess it's time I should be going home.
And on Saturday, you can't undo what you have done,
But at least we're having fun.
And on Sunday, wish we can drink a little more
Cuz modern life is such a bore!
Trash can be another man's treasure,
But don't you know that you ain't mine?
Sure I know that I can do much better,
But won't you stay for just tonight?
Cuz my hands are tired of holding empty bottles and my insecurities.
We all deserve at least a little love.
Track Name: She's Not Right
Waking up with the spins and empty pockets.
Look around, realize where I am.
Grab the keys, close the door, make sure you lock it.
Landed here close to 4am.
That's when she kicked me out,
Left me all alone.
Why'd she kick me out?
Cuz she's not right for me.
So why keep lying to myself?
I know that girl's not right for me.
Play your song for someone else.
Crowded place, too hot, too many bodies
Let's head outside, find a place to talk.
She says she's so sick of these parties!
Turns from me, then begins to walk.
Nothing's going right!
The only thing I'm kissing
Is the toilet seat tonight.
Track Name: Lousy Lovers
Well here we are,
Can’t you see we’re coming to the end?
Hope I’m not alone.
I really need you standing with me.
But this bottles kicked
And I can feel it coursing through my veins.
So let’s dance and swing,
Let’s get this whole place going insane.
Well I promise that I tried more than any other guy. Guess I’m just no different.
I see your tears are falling, but I really don’t care.
I know this year was hard, but I really don’t care.
Well you're always looking for a friend,
But I’m only looking for a lover.
Though you’ll never see me again, be honest babe
I think you know we used each other.
Now I’m here,
Told you I’d be waiting outside.
But you’re not around.
I’m thinking that I wasted my night.
Never got your call,
It’s like you think I’m nothing at all.
Guess you’re moving on?
I’m feeling like this isn’t my fault.
God it’s always my fault!
Thought you promised you would try,
Now you see it in my eyes.
I’m just not myself now.
You see my tears are falling, but you really don't care.
You know this year was hard, but you really don't care.
Well I’m always looking for a friend
But you’re only looking for a lover
Though it’s easy to pretend, be honest babe,
I think I know we used each other.
Well I know my hands are dirty too,
But I still wish I was holding hands with you.
You’ve seen me living in decline,
But I promise I’m still doing fine.
Well we’re always looking for a friend
But we're always looking for a lover.
Though it's easy to pretend,
Be honest babe, I think we know we used each other.
Track Name: Drunk Lovers
Baby, I don’t want no problems but
I think I’m too worn out.
Oh babe you know I feel the same.
Lately I don’t know what I want but
I’ve always had my doubts.
I see you’re drinking it again.
I don’t think I can do it.
I hope you know that I’m sorry that I always let you down.
I don’t know how you never seem to notice what you do.
I hope you know that I don’t expect you just to stick around.
I gotta leave, but I wanna say I know I messed up too.
Gave it all that I got,
but I’m obsessed with the things that you’re not.
Now I wonder,
Are we just two drunk lovers having some fun?
Maybe if we can tame our habits
We can somehow stay together.
You always talk, you never listen.
Maybe if we can just keep at this
We can somehow make it better.
I know it’s such a tough decision.
I don’t think we should do it.
If you buy me a drink you know you’ll always be my friend.
Don’t you know that’s the source of my frustration?
We can promise the world but then we’ll mix a gin again.
I only do it cuz it numbs all my sensations.
I know we gave it our best,
But with your faults don’t you know I’m obsessed?
I don’t know anyone who can handle all the things that you’ve done
Track Name: Statue
It’s just a matter of time,
That’s all it is.
What’s the point of watching now
When you know just how it ends?
Don’t hesitate, don’t wait around.
Between you and all of this
You’re the best thing that I found.
But I don’t know where you’ll be tonight.
And if you stop me now I think I just may be alright.
With that look you always give, you know I’m giving in,
But I don’t know where you’ll be tonight.
Fading out with you
Is the hardest thing I’ll never have to do.
I’m just a statue in your eyes.
I’m just a picture on a screen.
The memories will fade, baby,
But keep looking east out towards me.
Track Name: Sleeping Booty
I don’t like it when you do the things you always do.
I’m done with you.
And you sit at home waiting for the call.
You’re home and you’re alone:
Macauley Caulkin of Massapequa.
And if someone says goodbye, should they really be driving?
If we don’t have a ride, should we really be biking home?
And when you close your eyes, are you seeing him?
With the state I’m in, I’ll never win.
I don’t like it when I do the things I always do.
I’m done with you.
They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea,
Plenty for you and me.
But I’m still gonna call,
That’s why you’re my sleeping booty.
And if we don’t leave right now, we’ll see you in Sobetown.
Four sobes deep, being a creep.
Track Name: Knives In My Eyes
Standing around awkardly waiting for signs
That you’re interested.
Oh lord how I wish you were mine.
I fight to get out, I’m sweating and stuck in the crowd.
Tell me your name, I’m sorry but this musics so loud.
Well I know I met you before but I can’t remember when.
There you go out the door, another story for your friends.
Standing around, this feeling is all too familiar.
All of these nights of prolonged excess will kill us.
I wanna get out but I’m too far gone to go,
So I’ll just stay put and continue to feel uncomfortable.
It’s uncomfortable but it’s such a beautiful scene.
It’s nothing more than another part of our routine.
We laugh, we cry, we live, we die, we all grow old.
I can’t rely on you to solve my troubles.
I’m falling to my knees on the floor.
We realize that we can’t keep living this way anymore
(unless we really want to).
All I wanna do is take you home,
But I never know the right things to say.
Do you recall when we laid together in bed?
Our bodies aligned, I can’t stop thinking about what I said.
Oh how you put up with all my excuses and reasons.
I’m sorry my dear, I really should have kept it between us.
But really it’s nothing new, simply business as usual.
Another story for your friends about how everythings my fault.
All of our relationships become undone.
We get in situations that we never want.
Track Name: The Bitter Days
You’ve lost your chance to come out clean.
Well it’s been gone now for some time.
The things I heard I can’t believe.
So much for cutting off on all ties.
Two steps back and please remain away from me.
I couldn’t take this any longer.
Getting bitter day by day it’s plain to see.
Is your sweetness gone forever from me?
The condescending things you say.
Now making peace is not an option.
Confrontation heads your way.
Too much forgave but not forgotten
Track Name: You're Always Falling Out
You say you won’t go but you can’t stay.
But it’s too late to show you what’s true.
But it’s clear that when he’s here,
That’s enough to hold you over. I thought I told you
What you’re missing when he’s not listening.
And I know we always make the same mistakes,
And our hearts get pulled apart.
But darling I know you’ll be mine,
But maybe just not all the time.
But I’ll be there for you
Wherever you are.
I still remember this past December
When I watched you breaking down, those awful sounds.
It’s gonna get worse. You know I’ll be the first
To offer help to get you through. What can I do
As your friend? Get drunk again.
But with these pints of happiness, we sometimes miss
What’s important. It’s just a warning
That all of our friends are real,
And they’re just trying to feel
That you’ll still be there too
Wherever you are.
Track Name: Good Lord
A heartbeat is all we need to realize we’re still alive.
I’m only one man.
I know I don’t have much to offer but more of the same.
Too many nights I think I’ll be alright.
This awful silence,
These awful thoughts that keep on swimming inside my head.
No recollection –
Just some blurry flashes of a streetlight against the sky.
Vaguely recall what I might have said.
All I know is I need help to stand.
Good lord, ain’t this quite a mess?
I know I just wanna forget.
But now you wanna say goodbye,
And I don’t mind.
You’re so preoccupied with yourself and your own situation.
Give me a break.
And I’m not sorry for tonight.
I sure as hell don’t need no fairweather friends.
Don’t know what makes you act quite so smug.
So original just like everyone.
Track Name: Mirrors
We gotta say, this can never be –
We’ll never be the same again.
If it’s okay I would rather go and sleep over my friends again.
I know you said that you’re sorry.
Well I’m sorry I still need some time to clear my mind.
At least for now I will do my best to pretend everything is fine.
Oh no well look at you.
I’d never guess it’d be something you’d put me through.
I’m still trying to tell myself it isn’t true.
I guess we all regret some of the things we do.
What about me?
Do you even see
The things that would be
If you were away?
We all have demons that we cover up with perfect pearly smiles.
But if you laid all my sins down, well I know they’d stretch for miles
And I’m ashamed of em.
But dear lord, can you help me?
I need help to get me through this situation.
I know it’s wrong but this bottle is efficient medication.
But I will only use it if it can
Help me to forget all of the things I am.
If anybody knew me, well they would condemn
All the things I do.
I wouldn’t hold it against them.
What about me?
I think we agree
We’re not who we say.
But we’re still okay.
Cuz all that we want
Is to not be alone.
When everythings shot,
Maybe we’ll know that we’re not.