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released November 20, 2009



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Track Name: Wet Help
Do you remember the time you said you would love me? There's just one small problem - I still love you. And all of this time sitting here, don't know what to do, got no one to talk to. Well I never in my life just tape my fucking mouth shut. There's no one in the world for me. Do you remember the time I fell on my knees for you because you wanted me to? I still got scrapes, it's gonna be hard for me to walk away from this one. I need some serious wet help to burn our history and forget memories. It's not like we had any good ones. Oh why oh why do I pick such crazy lovers? Do you remember the time you said you would love me? Well I sure as hell don't.
Track Name: Rough Housing
Change, what we need is change cuz I can't live my life this way. No we can't stay this fucked up forever. I need some time to clear my head. Fade, these days are all a daze. I'm guessing this is just a phase of too many parties every single day, and it seems I'm drinking my problems away. But you know what they say - NO WASTED TIME, JUST WASTED TIMES! Tomorrow I'll be fine. Score, let's take it to the floor. We're dancing cuz the musics smooth, check out these moves. It's time to cat-scratch. Just please don't dive onto the couch. (I'm sorry) Puff, I think we smoked enough, but one last time for victory. I can barely breathe, but she was worth it. Repeat again tomorrow night. It feels so right. NO WASTED TIME JUST WASTED TIMES. Party all my life.